Illegal Detainees

3D Animation, Animated Film, 3D Character Design

Animated Short Film for United Nations

In response to a solemn call from the United Nations, Cadabra Solutions, a pioneering force in the realm of animation, undertook a profound mission to shed light on the grievous plight of Illegal Detainees, a disheartening issue plaguing not only Palestine but also resonating across numerous Middle Eastern countries. Employing their extraordinary mastery of 3D animation, Cadabra Solutions meticulously sculpted characters that serve as poignant vessels of the untold stories of those unjustly confined. With a symphony of meticulously crafted sound effects, the animated film emerged as a powerful testament to the harrowing experiences of the detainees, each frame a resounding cry for justice. Through the transformative medium of 3D animation, Cadabra Solutions deftly navigated the realms of empathy and awareness, employing visual storytelling to beckon governments to reckon with this pressing human rights concern and bring an end to the cycle of suffering.

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