Paltel Mobile App

2D Animation, Animated Commercial

Animated Commercial for Paltel Company

Cadabra Solutions partnered with Paltel, a leading Palestinian telecommunications company, to bring their innovative vision to life through a captivating animated commercial. Tasked with promoting Paltel’s groundbreaking smartphone app, which enables users to harness the power of a virtual phone globally, Cadabra Solutions harnessed the creative potential of 2D animation. Skillfully crafting a world of connectivity, they designed endearing 2D characters that vividly portrayed the app’s versatility and ease of use. Through meticulous 2D animation techniques, Cadabra Solutions seamlessly conveyed the app’s ability to transcend geographical boundaries, empowering users to stay connected effortlessly from any corner of the world. The result is a visually engaging and persuasive commercial that effectively communicates the remarkable capabilities of Paltel’s virtual phone app, all brought to life through the magic of 2D animation.

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